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Wrapping up 2015 the right way!

Our team has been extremely busy over the past 3 months! Not only have we been preparing to launch 2 new locations at the beginning of 2016, our team has had some pretty awesome travel and networking opportunities.
In September, we had our annual Manager’s Weekend in Cancun Mexico. Senior Partners, Michael Cosper and Vianca Reyes, Junior Partners Justin Dickey and Brett Herbst, and recruiter, Tyler Jackson, were all flown to Cancun and stayed at the Moon Palace for an all-inclusive getaway. During the trip, they participated in a charity volleyball tournament, went deep sea fishing and networked with other leaders in the company.
In October, Vianca and a handful of other Senior Partners from all over the southeast spent a few days in New York City! They met with one of our clients, but most of the trip was spent exploring the Big Apple and shopping. Hard work really does pay off.
We are only half way through November and it has already been one of the most exciting months of the yea…

Oryx Nashville team members take home some hardware at National event

We recently attended our annual National conference right here in our own backyard. The event was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland here in Nashville and what a great time we had! Not only did we have an opportunity to network with some very talented people, but we also had some of our team members receive some national recognition.
The largest recognition was for our senior partner Mike Cosper. He was one of 8 nominees for "Manager of the Year." Out of over 300 people who would be up for this award each year, Mike's hard work and performance over the past year was recognized in a big way. Although he did not win the award, being nominated put him in the top 2% of the field. Mike also collected a $7,500 bonus at the event. Congratulations Mike!
That wasn't all. Our other manager in the Nashville office, Vianca Reyes, received recognition as well. Vianca was recognized as a "Top Rookie" and received a "20/20" trophy.  We also had three people get reco…

Meet Our Recruiter, Tyler Jackson!

Being the face of a company is a tall order for someone who is fresh out of college. Despite the pressure, our newest recruiter, Tyler Jackson has done an amazing job in her first few months with Oryx Nashville. As a recruiter, she is one of the first contacts to potential employees so it is very important that someone in her role is very professional, organized, positive, and energetic. We asked Tyler a few questions and are sharing them for you to get to know her a little better. Enjoy!

Name: Tyler Jackson

Hometown: Decatur, Alabama

College: Athens State University

Major: Human Resources Management

What was your first job?: I was a teachers aid when I was just 15!

Why did you chose Oryx Nashville?: I loved the opportunity for growth and that I was starting a career, not just a job. Combine that with the AMAZING culture and the ability to work with so many motivated and energetic people and it was a no brainer.

What is one of your long term goals?: To grow within the company and to …

McKenzie's One Year Anniversary!!!!

We want to say congratulations to our Assistant Manager McKenzie Comfort on her 1 year anniversary at Oryx! McKenzie took the time to write a blog reflecting on her time with our company. We are so proud of everything you have accomplished and can't wait to see you continue to grow!
"A moment for reflection: Yesterday marked my one year working with Oryx. Wow- I can’t believe time has really gone by that quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was walking to my car from my college campus googling “professional attire for an interview” in desperate hopes of affirming that my outfit was appropriate for the first time I would ever step foot into our St. Louis office. In my mind, at the age of 20, I was already doing pretty well for myself. I had my clothing company that I managed online that was generating enough income to put me through college and allow me to live completely on my own. I had a 4.0 and was excelling in my classes. I had more than enough time for friends and fa…

Oryx Nashville Setting the Pace!

We were very excited to see some of our management team and our top reps being recognized in this months edition of The Leader magazine! Vianca Reyes out of our Nashville office briefly shared her experience from when she first started in our company and Ken Goodwin shared his path to management. 
Brandon Schroeder Johnson was recognized and the #2 sales person for the entire month of March. Mike Figueroa, Jr., a senior manager in Birminham, set the pace while balancing his management duties, finishing #4 during March. These pace setters went up again over 600 reps nation wide and came away at the very top!
These are the reasons we love our team. Everyone is extremely motivated and are true leaders!

I came across an amazing article today about reasons to work for yourself. This is something we are sharing with our team because, it is a constant reminder to appreciate the impact and freedom we sometimes take for granted. Here is 34 reason to be an entreprenuer and a link to the full article:
More control of your time. You get to decide how much to work each week.More self-respect. No more kowtowing to some tool in the corner office.More self-awareness. You'll quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses.More individuality. You'll never become a cog in your own machineMore originality. You'll be creating something that unique to you.More positive impact. You'll be helping make the world a better place.More opportunities to travel. As your business grows, you'll see the world.More self-development. You'll FOCUS on improving yourself.More expertise. You'll acquire knowledge ab…

Ken Goodwin Promoted to Senior Partner!!!

One of our favorite Junior Partners, Ken Goodwin, was promoted to Senior Partner this week! Ken started with our company in Atlanta in 2012 and shortly after relocated to St. Louis to help us expand. Now Ken is overseeing the entire St. Louis marketing and we are excited to see where this next step in career takes him. Great work Ken! Hard work pays off! 
Check out the link below for our press release.

Another Promotion to Junior Partnership!

We have officially promoted a new Junior Partner!!!! Congratulations McKenzie! We are so happy for you and excited to see where your career takes you. 
Check out the link to our press release and the photos below from McKenzie's big day.

Oryx Nashville Raises Over $6,500 for Employee who Survives Cancer

On October 2nd, 2014, Brett Herbst was diasnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 22 year old. Brett graduated from college in May and began his career with Oryx, Inc. in St Louis. Brett had an opportunity to relocate with the company in September to help with the expansion to Nashville, TN. With Brett being a young man in his first full time career and in a new city, the team at Oryx Nashville felt an obligation to help Brett through the most difficult challenge of his life. Management secretly set up an online fundraising page and partnered with Corner Pub in Brentwood, TN for an event to help raise money. The effort of everyone involved was able to help generate over $6,500 to help Brett with his medical expenses. "I was so surprised when I found out that everyone worked so hard to help me. I couldn't ask for a more supportive company and group of friends. I am looking forward to finishing my chemotherapy and getting back to work", Brett said during his fundraisin…