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McKenzie's One Year Anniversary!!!!

We want to say congratulations to our Assistant Manager McKenzie Comfort on her 1 year anniversary at Oryx! McKenzie took the time to write a blog reflecting on her time with our company. We are so proud of everything you have accomplished and can't wait to see you continue to grow!
"A moment for reflection: Yesterday marked my one year working with Oryx. Wow- I can’t believe time has really gone by that quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was walking to my car from my college campus googling “professional attire for an interview” in desperate hopes of affirming that my outfit was appropriate for the first time I would ever step foot into our St. Louis office. In my mind, at the age of 20, I was already doing pretty well for myself. I had my clothing company that I managed online that was generating enough income to put me through college and allow me to live completely on my own. I had a 4.0 and was excelling in my classes. I had more than enough time for friends and fa…