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Wrapping up 2015 the right way!

Our team has been extremely busy over the past 3 months! Not only have we been preparing to launch 2 new locations at the beginning of 2016, our team has had some pretty awesome travel and networking opportunities.
In September, we had our annual Manager’s Weekend in Cancun Mexico. Senior Partners, Michael Cosper and Vianca Reyes, Junior Partners Justin Dickey and Brett Herbst, and recruiter, Tyler Jackson, were all flown to Cancun and stayed at the Moon Palace for an all-inclusive getaway. During the trip, they participated in a charity volleyball tournament, went deep sea fishing and networked with other leaders in the company.
In October, Vianca and a handful of other Senior Partners from all over the southeast spent a few days in New York City! They met with one of our clients, but most of the trip was spent exploring the Big Apple and shopping. Hard work really does pay off.
We are only half way through November and it has already been one of the most exciting months of the yea…