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Meet Senior Corporate Trainer Ashley

IMG_3303Our team members at Oryx Nashville are the reason for our success. When an individual like Senior Corporate Trainer Ashley joins our team, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to work with Nashville’s top talent!
Born in St. Louis but raised in Belleville, IL, Ashley grew up with her parents and her older brother. During her high school years, she played flute in her high school’s band and enjoyed spending time with her friends and family. Upon graduating, Ashley was accepted into Tennessee State University in Nashville as a Business Administration major. She had visited Nashville before with a friend and fell in love with the city, so she was all for living there!
IMG_3300Ashley enjoyed her time at Tennessee State, but she soon learned how expensive college was and decided to pursue another opportunity: she joined the Air Force Reserve. One of Ashley favorite parts of being in the Air Force Reserve was the opportunity it gave her to travel and see new parts of the country. First, Ashley moved to San Antonio, TX to serve at the Lackland Air Force base. She also attended the Tech School at Fort Sam Houston to become a Aerospace Medical Technician!
After living in San Antonio, she moved to Ohio to serve at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Here, Ashley had the opportunity to actively work with live patients, including patients in the ICU, women in labor and delivery, and burn victims. In this role, Ashley was able to exercise her passion for helping those in need. She preferred working with patients in-person because it was more intimate and personal.
Ashley then moved back to Nashville to serve at the Scott Air Force Base. She decided to attend Southwestern Eleanor College, where she received an Associates Degree in Applied Science. After earning this degree, she sought out opportunities in Nashville. Although she had never pursued it as a career, Ashley had always had an interest in business. She came across an independent sales firm in Nashville that specialized in business-to-consumer sales. While Ashley liked working with people face-to-face, she wasn’t keen on outside sales, so she started search for another opportunity.
Ashley decided that she preferred a retail environment. She accepted a seasonal position at Kohl’s, and while she did enjoy the retail aspect of the job, she wasn’t fond of the hourly pay; she wanted to be paid based on her performance. After her seasonal employment ended at Kohl’s, she searched for a new career and found Oryx Nashville on ZipRecruiter!
During her interview process at Oryx Nashville, Ashley immediately felt like she had finally found the opportunity she was looking for. Her values and goals aligned with the company, and she loved the overall atomosphere of the office. After shadowing the position during her second interview, Ashley thought, “Ok, I can do this no problem.” She liked Oryx Nashville’s retail marketing and sales approach and the opportunity for advancement based on performance!
In the near future, Ashley plans to expand Oryx Nashville‘s client into a new market and oversee an entire office. She looks forward to continuing her personal and professional growth within the company while providing the same opportunity for others!


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