Meet Senior Corporate Trainer Ashley

Our team members at Oryx Nashville are the reason for our success. When an individual like Senior Corporate Trainer Ashley joins our team, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to work with Nashville’s top talent! Born in St. Louis but raised in Belleville, IL, Ashley grew up with her parents and her older brother. During her high school years, she played flute in her high school’s band and enjoyed spending time with her friends and family. Upon graduating, Ashley was accepted into Tennessee State University in Nashville as a Business Administration major. She had visited Nashville before with a friend and fell in love with the city, so she was all for living there! Ashley enjoyed her time at Tennessee State, but she soon learned how expensive college was and decided to pursue another opportunity: she joined the Air Force Reserve. One of Ashley favorite parts of being in the Air Force Reserve was the opportunity it gave her to travel and see new parts of the country. First, Ashley mo…

Oryx Nashville's Travel Highlights of 2017

As the year comes to an end, Oryx Nashville is reminded of all the places that 2017 took us. Our industry gives us the opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally, so for travel lovers like us, it’s a perfect fit! During 2017, we had the opportunity to travel to places such as Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Memphis, Indianapolis, and even Cancun!

To kick off the year, Oryx Nashville’s management team headed to Charlotte, NC in February for our broker’s annual “Keys to Success” conference. The conference was an opportunity for our team at Oryx Nashville to set goals for the year while networking with other marketing and sales professionals. The event also recognized top performers and industry leaders, such as our President & Director of Operations, who were awarded bonus checks from our brokerage firm!
During the last week of July, our broker hosted another national event in Dallas, TX: the “National Leadership Seminar.” Marketing and sales firms from all …

Oryx Nashville is ranked one of the best companies to work for in Nashville!

We already know our team members love working at Oryx Nashville, but now Zippia has confirmed it! See where our company is on the list! (Hint: we're in the top 3 😉)

Check out the article here and don't forget to watch the video below!

Like a #GIRLBOSS 💁

Want to know how Oryx Nashville's President, Vianca, celebrates a year of hard work and success? She travels to Cabo San Lucas with other female entrepreneurs for a week of relaxation, socializing, and gorgeous views! 🌊🏖️ Check out the photos from the event in the video below!

Dare to Dream: Christian Cardwell's Journey

People who succeed in a career at Oryx Nashville often have certain characteristics in common. They may be described as competitive, resilient, hardworking, friendly, or driven. We are fortunate to work with an individual who encompasses all of these traits: Christian Cardwell. Born in Knoxville and raised in Nashville, Christian is a proud Tennessee native. He grew  up in Brentwood as the son of two teachers, so as you can imagine, academia was very important in his household. As a kid, Christian struggled with hearing loss, asthma, and being allergic to just about every nut you can think of, and then some. A sports lover at heart, he was disappointed when doctors told him to stay away from outside sports due to his asthma. Though Christian recognized that his asthma was would hinder his athletic ability, he wasn’t the type of guy to just call it quits. He was determined to be an athlete, so he tried out for almost every sport that his middle school offered. He made none of the team…

The Oryx Nashville team's favorite motivational quotes

The team at Oryx Nashville recently got together to discuss what motivates them and how they keep themselves focused on their goals. A common factor was words of affirmation and sharing motivational quotes amongst each other. Pep talks and staying big picture are important when trying to achieve a goal, whether as a team or individually. Below are some of the Oryx Nashville teams favorite quotes.

Productivity and Goals

Being productive and proactive about your time is necessary when it comes to your goals.
This simple step of evaluating how you spend your time can help measure your movements towards your goals.
The 5-Minute Habit That Can Change Your Life -