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Want to know how Oryx Nashville's President, Vianca, celebrates a year of hard work and success? She travels to Cabo San Lucas with other female entrepreneurs for a week of relaxation, socializing, and gorgeous views! 🌊🏖️ Check out the photos from the event in the video below!

Dare to Dream: Christian Cardwell's Journey

People who succeed in a career at Oryx Nashville often have certain characteristics in common. They may be described as competitive, resilient, hardworking, friendly, or driven. We are fortunate to work with an individual who encompasses all of these traits: Christian Cardwell. Born in Knoxville and raised in Nashville, Christian is a proud Tennessee native. He grew  up in Brentwood as the son of two teachers, so as you can imagine, academia was very important in his household. As a kid, Christian struggled with hearing loss, asthma, and being allergic to just about every nut you can think of, and then some. A sports lover at heart, he was disappointed when doctors told him to stay away from outside sports due to his asthma. Though Christian recognized that his asthma was would hinder his athletic ability, he wasn’t the type of guy to just call it quits. He was determined to be an athlete, so he tried out for almost every sport that his middle school offered. He made none of the team…

The Oryx Nashville team's favorite motivational quotes

The team at Oryx Nashville recently got together to discuss what motivates them and how they keep themselves focused on their goals. A common factor was words of affirmation and sharing motivational quotes amongst each other. Pep talks and staying big picture are important when trying to achieve a goal, whether as a team or individually. Below are some of the Oryx Nashville teams favorite quotes.

Productivity and Goals

Being productive and proactive about your time is necessary when it comes to your goals.
This simple step of evaluating how you spend your time can help measure your movements towards your goals.
The 5-Minute Habit That Can Change Your Life -

Wrapping up 2015 the right way!

Our team has been extremely busy over the past 3 months! Not only have we been preparing to launch 2 new locations at the beginning of 2016, our team has had some pretty awesome travel and networking opportunities.
In September, we had our annual Manager’s Weekend in Cancun Mexico. Senior Partners, Michael Cosper and Vianca Reyes, Junior Partners Justin Dickey and Brett Herbst, and recruiter, Tyler Jackson, were all flown to Cancun and stayed at the Moon Palace for an all-inclusive getaway. During the trip, they participated in a charity volleyball tournament, went deep sea fishing and networked with other leaders in the company.
In October, Vianca and a handful of other Senior Partners from all over the southeast spent a few days in New York City! They met with one of our clients, but most of the trip was spent exploring the Big Apple and shopping. Hard work really does pay off.
We are only half way through November and it has already been one of the most exciting months of the yea…

Oryx Nashville team members take home some hardware at National event

We recently attended our annual National conference right here in our own backyard. The event was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland here in Nashville and what a great time we had! Not only did we have an opportunity to network with some very talented people, but we also had some of our team members receive some national recognition.
The largest recognition was for our senior partner Mike Cosper. He was one of 8 nominees for "Manager of the Year." Out of over 300 people who would be up for this award each year, Mike's hard work and performance over the past year was recognized in a big way. Although he did not win the award, being nominated put him in the top 2% of the field. Mike also collected a $7,500 bonus at the event. Congratulations Mike!
That wasn't all. Our other manager in the Nashville office, Vianca Reyes, received recognition as well. Vianca was recognized as a "Top Rookie" and received a "20/20" trophy.  We also had three people get reco…

Meet Our Recruiter, Tyler Jackson!

Being the face of a company is a tall order for someone who is fresh out of college. Despite the pressure, our newest recruiter, Tyler Jackson has done an amazing job in her first few months with Oryx Nashville. As a recruiter, she is one of the first contacts to potential employees so it is very important that someone in her role is very professional, organized, positive, and energetic. We asked Tyler a few questions and are sharing them for you to get to know her a little better. Enjoy!

Name: Tyler Jackson

Hometown: Decatur, Alabama

College: Athens State University

Major: Human Resources Management

What was your first job?: I was a teachers aid when I was just 15!

Why did you chose Oryx Nashville?: I loved the opportunity for growth and that I was starting a career, not just a job. Combine that with the AMAZING culture and the ability to work with so many motivated and energetic people and it was a no brainer.

What is one of your long term goals?: To grow within the company and to …