Oryx Nashville's Travel Highlights of 2017

As the year comes to an end, Oryx Nashville is reminded of all the places that 2017 took us. Our industry gives us the opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally, so for travel lovers like us, it’s a perfect fit! During 2017, we had the opportunity to travel to places such as Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Memphis, Indianapolis, and even Cancun!

To kick off the year, Oryx Nashville’s management team headed to Charlotte, NC in February for our broker’s annual “Keys to Success” conference. The conference was an opportunity for our team at Oryx Nashville to set goals for the year while networking with other marketing and sales professionals. The event also recognized top performers and industry leaders, such as our President & Director of Operations, who were awarded bonus checks from our brokerage firm!

During the last week of July, our broker hosted another national event in Dallas, TX: the “National Leadership Seminar.” Marketing and sales firms from all over the country traveled to the lone star state for a weekend of learning and to strengthen their leadership skills. Notable events include a Masquerade themed award dinner, a session with our client’s campaign managers, and a charity raffle for Operation Smile!

The following month in August, Oryx Nashville‘s Assistant Manager, Kevin, traveled with our Director of Operations, Michael, to Los Angeles for 4 days of entrepreneurship training, where Kevin learned the behind-the-scenes operations of running a small business. They came back to Nashville even more motivated and ready to finish the year strong!

In November, Oryx Nashville’s President, Vianca, celebrated a year of hard work and success at a “Female Entrepreneurs Retreat” in Cabo San Lucas! She was accompanied by several of her colleagues and enjoyed a week of relaxation, socializing, and gorgeous views. When you work hard, you get to play hard!

Throughout the year, our team at Oryx Nashville visited other colleagues in various locations and also hosted them in our Nashville office. Some of these locations included Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Memphis! Oryx Nashville believes that it is important to learn from others who are in the same industry to learn new marketing and sales techniques, leadership coaching, and team building. After all, success is better shared with others!

Travel is an essential part of business, as it provides the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and explore new places. In the words of our Human Resources Manager, Amanda Long, “Traveling for business gives people opportunities to not only see new places, but to network and learn from people they would normally not get to meet in person.” To see more of our 2017 adventures and the ones to come in 2018, follow Oryx Nashville on Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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